I love watching TV shows. More and more posts will be dedicated to this and tagged under “TV”.

Spoiler alert – there will be a lot of spoilers



Hannah Horvath continues her path along a windy road to becoming an adult finally. Marnie tries to get over her marriage. Shosh tries to get over Japan. Jessa tries to get over Adam. No one gets over anything, and everyone remains in puberty. At least as of E09. Oh, importantly Elijah gets a part in a Broadweay musical.


Inspired by events of 2016 with a female presidential candidate; CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies fighting for power; fake news; independent news; treason and conspiracy.


Became too slow. Didn’t watch after E02.


The Good Fight

A spinoff of The Good Wife. Diane joins a black law firm to make some buck. Built around Luca’s love life and a first-year associate who is a daughter of a Ponzi scheme criminal.