I know I wasn’t posting for some time. This year I will change this. Nicole is growing like crazy and is already 1 year and 5 months old. And I’ve been really focusing on her. And also on work. Or rather how work evolved around me.

The good thing - I broke 200 Rocycle rides after a little more than a year of rides. This is something that gives me necessary few hours a week of inward focus, letting the mind roam around, and of course feeling healthy and fit. Honestly, don’t know what it would have been without it.


I have to make a few resolutions for the remainder of 2020:

  1. Write more. Both to Twitter and the blog.
  2. Journal things for myself. Hopefully every night.
  3. Meditate more. Every morning at least.
  4. Workout more and eat healthy - at least to break 90 kg of weight down - now at 93 kg.
  5. Work more. As in, produce more meaningfful stuff.
  6. Read daily. At least a chapter a day - most likely by cutting down on social media.
  7. Learn a new skill every month. Starting from today.

New me

I will strive to change internally, and then project that change in the way I work and in the way I behave. I do beliebe that those things are deeply connected. You can imagine yourself in the following three concepts:

  • why
  • how
  • what
  • outcome

However you act is supposedly defined by your personality and it defines the outcomes of actions. But I beliebe that as humans we can influence the outcomes not only by doing things, but also change why we’re doing things by doing them mindfully.

So, I’ll focus on my own mindfulness more, and make sure that whatever I do, I reflect upon and I find inspiration for next actions in every single of my actions.


I will continuously reduce the number of:

  • pieces of clothes I own;
  • people I follow on Instagram, making it a real connection tool for friends since leaving Facebook;
  • notifications I receive on the phone;
  • emails I receive on my accounts;
  • people I worry about;
  • TV shows I watch - let’s say that anything below 8 on IMDB or a recommendation from a very good critic will be avoided.