Expectations were not so high: plenty of critics didn’t like the movie.

I actually loved it. It resonated so well with what I feel about the modern day life – so much stuff to do, so little clarity on what to do. So many opportunities, so little gets done. So much love to give, so little love received.

I guess this is much more typical of the “Western” society. I mean, if you live in the deep snows in Siberia, or in Sahara, you don’t really have time to neglect. When every day is a struggle you don’t really have choices. When all you’re thinking about is how to pay rent, or how to move to a better place, you can’t really spend your energy on unimportant things.

We all live in the world, where we have a very limited set of resources which we spend every single day on things we choose ourselves, or things that are chosen for us.

Does this freedom of choice actually make you the worst person on Earth? Why do you have to compare to the rest of people? Can you really dedicate your life to making the world a better place to live?

So many questions and so little answers. None of the readable or watchable sources available today give you clear answers.